19 Jan 2016

Educational Visit (UMN AL WASHLIYAH, Medan Indonesia).

visit14 January 2015 : Assoc. Prof. Major Dr. Haji Yahya Don, Dean of SEML welcomed the delegation from UMN AL WASHLIYAH, Medan Indonesia. The former rector of UMN AL WASHLIYAH along with 45 staff and students visited the School of Education & modern languages. The main objective of this visit was to discuss possible collaboration between UMN Al Washliyah and SEML in term of sending postgraduate students. The former rector has emphasized that UMN can be potential partner to send their students

to undertake Master and Doctorate program at SEML since UMN had more than 7 thousands graduates from the faculty of education alone. SEML is ready to provide any expected program requsted from any university including UMN AL WASHLIYAH as to provide an excellent educational services to the clients.