1 April 2016


event dialog30 March 2016 : The School of Education and Modern Languages (SEML) organized a meeting and a dialogue session with the management and undergraduate students on 29 March 2016 (Tuesday) at Dewan Kuliah 3/1.
In this meeting, the SEML Dean, Prof. Madya. Mejar Dr. Yahya Don, urged the students to get involved in school activities, particularly the academic entrepreneurship.

They were also advised not to rely solely on jobs offered by the government only. In this regard, the school is ready to guide the students to be successful entrepreneurs in the future. To begin with, they may participate actively in the Eco-Academic Camps organized by the school.
The Dean also reminded the students to get engaged in social services around the university. These efforts may encourage financially-challenged school students to be successful in their academic performance. Besides, the students were also briefed on Rancangan Latihan Mengajar (RLM) as a preparation for the upcoming teaching practicum at selected schools. This briefing was delivered by the coordinator of RLM, Dr. Hj. Yus’aiman Jusoh @ Yusoff. The school would like to thank those who made this event a successful one.